New Zealand Made

Aotearoa is our home

Active is made for New Zealanders by New Zealanders, and as a local company we recognise what makes this country so unique. A large part of this is the high-quality standards that goes into New Zealand’s manufacturing, which is why we make it our duty to ensure Kiwis are provided the highest quality dishwashing detergent for their homes.

So how do we differ from our competitors?

Active remains the only manufacturer in New Zealand to provide dishwashing powder & sachets for you. It is because of this that we are committed to meeting the needs of every one of our customers from one end of the country, to the other.

And if that’s not enough, all of our products are manufactured in New Zealand, which gives us ability to adapt and change according the consumers conditions.

Being Kiwis ourselves we understand that our little country has a big personality. From the classic summer BBQ’s, to the not so quiet family dinners, Active aims to make the washing up a little easier, letting Kiwi’s get back to what’s important.

And if it isn’t obvious already, here at Active we are proud of what New Zealand has to offer. Our country is continuously developing, and New Zealander’s needs are changing with it. So, our story doesn’t end here. Active will continue to keep producing new and exciting ranges, and we will do it right here in NZ. We believe that by manufacturing in New Zealand, we gain advantage in our quality and uniqueness.
So keep an eye out for new exciting innovations!